Software Engineer - IDE Integration


About Datadog:

We're on a mission to build the best platform in the world for engineers to understand and scale their systems, applications, and teams. We operate at high scale—trillions of data points per day—allowing for seamless collaboration and problem-solving among Dev, Ops and Security teams globally for tens of thousands of companies. Our engineering culture values pragmatism, honesty, and simplicity to solve hard problems the right way.

The Opportunity:

As a Software Engineer - IDE Integration, you will be responsible for integrating Datadog services and technologies directly into the development environment of Datadog’s users.

You Will:

  • Build amazing visualizations for connecting high resolution production data with the source code in your development environment.
  • Work tightly with teams at Datadog on exciting products, like Continuous Profiler.
  • Build tools for developers that let them see Datadog information in their IDE.
  • Own a meaningful part of a high visibility product, Popular in ecosystem and integration

You Are:

  • You have experience developing plug-ins for a major IDE, such as IntelliJ, VS Code or Eclipse.
  • You have experience writing testable and maintainable UI code.
  • You have the ability to iterate quickly and try out various product development ideas.
  • You value simplicity and efficiency.

Bonus Points:

  • You have experience with custom data visualization and rendering.
  • You have experience with release engineering for plugins or open-source libraries.
  • You’re interested in statistics and in finding novel ways of displaying information.
  • You’re interested in the low-level details of how code executes.

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  • January 14


  • Remote - Europe

Job Type

  • Full-Time


Please let Datadog know you found this position on Remotely We Code as a way to support us.