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At Daily we build video APIs that let a developer add video chat to any site or app — in minutes, on a global infrastructure, with features for every use case.

Live video has leapt into mainstream use and this is just its first phase of growth. Daily APIs are designed for this shift, where video is part of how we live and work, and where developers build with platforms — like Shopify, Stripe, and Daily — to launch, monetize and scale. With 10x growth last year, we serve customers ranging from startups and high-growth teams to public companies in verticals like productivity, events, real estate, healthcare, and gaming.

As a team, we care deeply about what we build and believe diversity and kindness are part of excellence. If you share these values, please read on!

The role

Daily makes it as fast and flexible as possible to build with video. Key to that goal, as well as our company and product values, are resources like developer documentation, sample code, and tutorials.

We consider these resources, which help developers use our API well, to be part of the product experience.

We're looking to hire an engineer in Developer Experience, the team that creates these resources. Broadly the team is a liaison between our developer community and Daily. Specifically it creates the code and tutorials to help developers build what they want, imagine new things, and build quickly and elegantly.

You're responsible for producing sample code and tutorials, about the Daily API (and also about video and developer interests in general). You have a sense of how developers work — like the information they search for. You also have a sense of what use cases and features are important to our community and our growth.

And you write. This job is ideal for an experienced engineer who's enjoyed blogging or approaches writing as a way to think about things.

The goal is for you to produce code and write a post once a week. (As a team, we're also thinking about other content forms, like screencasts and livestreams.)

Most of all, we're looking for colleagues who want to be part of a great team, build a product they're proud of, and also go after a big opportunity. If you share that POV, we'd love for you to consider Daily. Thank you.

What you’ll do

  • Become fluent in our video chat API!
  • Write sample code that uses our API
  • Work with teammates across Daily to understand the developers using our API, what content they need and find interesting, and where they go for information.
  • Produce content about our API and developer tools — your initial focus is writing developer tutorials and code-oriented blog posts. Big plus if you're interested in other media like screencasts, livestreams, webinars, etc.
  • Build integrations with other frameworks and tools
  • Bonus
    • Come up with new ways to champion the API, share those ideas with the team, and work with growth to prioritize them
    • Help us prioritize what new tools and features to build that make other developers' jobs easier and more fun
  • In general, help our team better understand and be more empathetic with our developers

Characteristics needed, which we require

  • Typically, 3+ years product experience. You have a track record of production quality code.
    • We have hired engineers with different experiences, who are starting their coding careers. For this hire, we seek a teammate who has shipped code.
  • Familiarity with javascript, web APIs, and front-end frameworks.
  • Love for figuring out new libraries, platforms, and building neat new things.
  • Eagerness to be part of company growth. We care about product quality and we care about growth.
  • Responsiveness to input and feedback about company goals and your work. You provide feedback, with respect and kindness, to others.
  • Comfort level with early stage. You're OK not having a big team and processes.
  • And you have a lot of empathy for developers and product teams, who care themselves about what they’re building.


  • We offer competitive salary and equity. Compensation is independent of location.
  • Benefits include 4 weeks vacation, 4 months parental leave, healthcare reimbursement, IT budget.

More about us

  • Applying for jobs and interviewing is tough — thanks for considering us. We wrote this to explain our hiring process.
  • Please learn about us, As it says, we care deeply about what we build and seek kindness and diversity. Take care of yourself and your family's time.
  • We believe diversity is part of excellence. Applications by members of all underrepresented groups are encouraged.
  • We're fully remote. (We also have an HQ location in San Francisco but at this time, to be transparent, our policy is we're a fully remote team.)
  • We're led by a repeat cofounder/CEO. We're a remote team and growing. Daily has raised over $22 million from investors including Lachy Groom, Tiger Global, The Slack Fund, and leading angels like April Underwood, Aston Motes, Rahul Vohra, and Scott Belsky.

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  • October 14


  • Remote - Anywhere

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Please let Daily know you found this position on Remotely We Code as a way to support us.